Däv Sydney Mid Boots Review

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Sydney Mid Boots: ℅ Dav Boots 

These boots are just too fun! I will be wearing these all the time in the winter and fall seasons! They are great and of course this brand has waterproof boots! Which is really great since it snows too much down here. I’m always searching for boots I can wear at work and at school. And these are perfect, you can walk in them, run in them, and lift people in them so that’s really great for work. I will have to probably review these better in the Winter time, since now it’s summer. I usually don’t wear boots in the summer. My feet get too hot & Sweaty, I don’t understand how people wear them around, but not my type of thing.  These boot’s feel like you are walking on clouds or even marshmallow’s!
I love the fringe it come with at the top of the boots. It make it’s much for exciting and it give it a bit of fun to the actual boot. I love them! I’m so happy I got to review this item. You definitely wont be disappointed at all with your boot purchase. 🙂

The size of this shoes is pretty good, I should of gotten a 9. I’m usually a 9.5 or 10 in flats but they don’t have half sizes, so I got the 10 intsead just in case the 9 is to little. Maybe it would of been okay, I’m just not sure when getting stuff online. I would stay your size or go down a size if you want to get these boots! 🙂

You guy’s need to definitely check out Dav! They have the cutest selection of boots for all weather attributes. You will love the feel of them, and it’s really good they are waterproof too. I hate when boots don’t come waterproof and then you have to spray them with all those crazy stuff, but these already are waterproof so you can skip the steps of doing all those crazy chemicals and stuff!
Don’t forget to check out there store! 🙂

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