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Photo Credit: Eliason Photography

I just want to thank you so much for your interest in advertising with Pop of Iris, I am so excited to work with you! I absolutely love working with brands and it’s fabulous exposure! 
Wearing your items:
If you would like me to wear any of your pieces please email me. I will post a outfit with what I choose or what you guy’s want to showcase on my blog, and send you the link to it when it’s posted. I will also do a review of the item that is sent to me, so people can purchase it! 🙂 Email me at: loveirisblog {@}

Giveaways: I’m always up to doing any type of giveaway, you can just email me and we can figure out what we will giveaway, or if your a company that want’s to do a giveaway then we can discuss the details of it. Just email me! 🙂

STATS & Followers Below:
Love, Iris get’s 26,000+ monthly page views and about 700-1000+ Daily Page Views a day
as of April 25st, 2014
My followers on:
 GFC + Bloglovin: 1683+
VIP on FindsApp: 3500+
Instagram: 1840+
All together I have 10,000+ followers.
My blog is growing so much everyday! I hope to work with you in the future!,

Ad Space:
250×250 Sidebar Ad: For one month, you will get a square on the right side of my blog! It’s a great way of getting exposure! This ad spot is limited to 4 available at a time, and it just cost’s $10. You can email me on how to get this ad space! 

I cannot wait to read your email’s! 🙂

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