Photo Credit: Eliason Photography
I’m Iris, a Pre-Medical student, and an obsessed fashionista. I love finding different types of outfit’s within my own closet, or buy some clothing to make sure the outfit is alright! I’m on a scholarship for my Undergraduate Degree; I also got my Associates in High School which is pretty cool and saved tons of money for my undergrad. I also work part time as a PT/Nursing to adult/kids that are autistic; it’s a hard job but it’s worth it, plus I would be burnt out if I did it full time, and full time school. Some fun fact’s that I have are: I was born in Romania and came to Utah when I was 1 because of communism. I have done ice skating since I was 5 years old-was in the opening and closing ceremonies in 2002 SLC WInter games when I was about 10 years old. I have double jointed arms, so if you see my arms going opposite in some of my photo’s that’s why and I don’t notice it until I see the photo’s and my arms are backwards LOL. Usually in the spring/summer you will find me wearing tons of different dresses and skirt’s, even though most of my outfit’s are all dresses and skirts and sandals and heels. I’m already 5″10, so I try not to wear too high of heel’s because I have a long way’s to fall; and it’s not fun at all to fall. Anything that is pink, polka dot’s, stripes and so on are my favorites. I still have at least 2.5 years till I finish my undergrad and then apply to medical school. 
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I hope that you will stay and get to know me and perhaps drop me a comment or an email – I would really love to get to know each and everyone of you!



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