Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

My hair is all straight, it usually never holds a curl, but when I got extensions they helped it hold the waves. Other than that, it’s super straight, I don’t even need to straighten it.

Do you wear extensions?

Yes, I wear bellami hair 20 and 22 inches, but only when I curl my hair I will put them in. Also, my hair when it curls doesn’t stay curled for some odd reason so that’s why I have extensions. I did a photo shoot with my hair straight with the extensions to show the people that wanted to know what they look like straight.

Is is awkward posing in front of the photographer in your photo’s?

At first it was awkward, but no it’s not awkward, I’ve known this photographer for a while, so it’s always fun doing photo’s with him. Plus he makes the funniest jokes, so that’s why I’m always smiling in the photo’s! 

How tall are you?

– I’m about 5″10

What camera do you use?

My personal one is a sony cybershot (which I need to get a new one thinking of the nikon 1), but now I have an amazing photographer (Edward of Eliason Photography) that does the photo’s, so his camera is a DSLR…not sure which one. You can always contact him on his facebook page if you are wanting to know what he has or if you want him to take your photo’s he will tell you what he charges etc.

Did you grow up in Utah?

Kind of. I was born in Romania and then came to Utah when I was like 1 years old. So basically American!

What curling iron do you use?

I have so many curling irons, but the ones I use is a Jose Eber 25mm wand, a Nume 32 mm wand and a Sally’s reverse wand. The ones I use in my photos are a 25mm and a 32mm wands, but mostly the 25mm one I use to make it a little bit more curly. The reverse wands make my hair look like Shirley Temple LOL

What school are you going to, and what is your Major?

I go to the University of Utah, and I’m a pre-medical student, so my major is “Human Development/Family Studies with a Minor in Biology”

Do you have a hair tutorial?

I don’t have a hair tutorial video, I will have one soon though to show you how I curl my hair. If you search hair on my blog, I have some pictures of what wand I use and how they are curl my hair from the back of my head!

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